Ex-boyfriend 2


Terrence James is back. He has gone on with his life, feeling no remorse for committing murder. However, someone seems determined to make him pay for his sins.


His relationship with his mother is stronger than ever since she has overcome her drug addiction. But his situation with Tenesha is like a rollercoaster ride. When her son’s father returns home from doing a prison stint, the two butt heads. Terrence cares about Tenesha, but he is not in love with her and makes the decision to end the relationship. Trying to hold on can cause more harm than good for both of them.


Getting involved in alterations with Tenesha’s baby daddy is the least of Terrence’s worries.  Someone does a drive-by shooting on him and then his dead uncle’s belongings suddenly show up. Is his mind playing tricks on him or is Frank still alive and trying to kill him?

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