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All of Me Loves All of You


Evelyn Williams has always been overweight. Even now, she still has a problem keeping the weight off. When she decides to take pole dancing for fitness, she never expects a man to train her. 


Evelyn’s instructor is Terrell Wertz. Terrell is gorgeous and fit. It's obvious that he's out of Evelyn's league. Furthermore, he probably wouldn't even look twice at a big chick like her, which makes her even more determined to lose the extra pounds.


Terrell is enticed by the pretty-faced, thick chick he has to train. He can tell she has a low self-esteem and probably thinks guys like him wouldn't go for girls like her. She couldn't be more wrong. He wasn't always drop-dead gorgeous and muscular. Can he teach Evelyn about loving herself even at her current size?


Big Tobe: Retribution


Toby Shaquil Byrts has left the drug game behind him. Now a successful business owner of Top2Bottom Detailing, he has no plans to delve back into his old lifestyle. But sometimes demons from the past can come back to haunt us. Even though our desire may be to run and hide, the best course of action is to face them head-on and deal with them. A person harboring a deep grudge has evil intentions and vows to make Toby pay for ruining his life. Toby can watch everything he’s worked so hard for be destroyed, or he can revert back to Big Tobe and gain it all back. But, along with Big Tobe comes retribution.




Terrence James is Vicki Holiday’s ex-boyfriend. He’s been rejected for the majority of his life so something inside snaps when he’s rejected yet again. His obsession with Vicki makes him determined to get her back—no matter the cost.


Vicki tries to ignore Terrence when he begins following her around. No matter where she goes, Terrence is guaranteed to show up and show out. Not only does he stalk her, his actions show a side of him that she’s afraid of. He’s vandalizing her property, harassing her friends and threatening any man he thinks is getting too close to her. In a fit of intense rage, he breaks into her place only to be confronted by Gary, her new love interest. Will someone end up in a body bag?




A secretary calls a 1-900 number from her office phone and gets caught by the maintenance man pleasuring herself; A cucumber intended to be used for sandwiches becomes a sex toy; From behind the curtains, a woman secretly spies another woman getting carried away as she sunbathes and reads a steamy sex novel; Robert has certain desires that his wife cannot fulfill. He finds what he needs at The Pleasure Palace; A guest gets caught sneaking into the panty drawer and doing some naughty things with the lingerie; Mary is hot to trot and doesn't stop. She gets what she wants and she's insatiable; Carlyle is awakened from his sleep by a sensual phone call. When the woman continues to call, he decides to play along; When the boss finds out his

secretary has been making 1-900 calls from the office, he sets out to punish her for being naughty.




How far would you go to clean up your 'hood? 

Tired of constantly reading headlines about the violence being committed in his community, Xavier Brunswick decides to form Brothers Takin’ Over (BTO) with three of his childhood friends. BTO’s original intention is to help clean up the ‘hood, but large egos and clashing personalities causes them to lose focus of their main goal. 

In addition to dealing with BTO, Xavier ‘s problems at home continue to fester. He’s angry at his father who is “passing” for white and vows to never become like him. Just when he thinks things can get no worse, his dope-fiend brother, Woodrow, returns from the streets and throws the family into chaos. 

Having to deal with back-stabbing friends, an alcoholic father, and a crack-head brother is almost more than Xavier can bear. How much can he endure before he finally snaps?


In Need of a Joshua Man 


When Audrey Peterson walks into church feeling the need to purge past sins, she sees Pastor Raymond Dickerson and is immediately put off by his striking good looks. She unfairly assumes that he must be one of those hypocritical preachers, the kind that praises the Lord on Sunday and raises hell the rest of the week. As Audrey opens her heart and listens to Pastor Dickerson’s sermon, she decides that her preconceived views may be wrong. There’s more to the pastor than a handsome face. She feels something that she can’t explain when she briefly shakes his hand upon leaving the church, and that “something” is returned by the pastor. He senses something different about Audrey from first glance. He sweats at the altar and has to brace himself before he can carry on with his sermon. He feels a connection, just like her, and finds himself turning to God for answers. At first, Raymond is unsure of what role he’s to play in Audrey’s life. Once he receives confirmation from God that she is to be his “help meet,” he sets out to teach her about loving God and herself. He ends up being the “Joshua Man” who leads her out of the wilderness into a land of promise.


Janell Has an Attitude 


Janell Henderson, Robyn Lee and Phoebe Lopez have been best friends since elementary school. They vow that nothing will come between their friendship, and nothing has—until Phoebe and Robyn develop a crush on the same boy, Valdez Green.

Janell can care less about boys. She is angry because her mother, Janet, seems to be man-crazy. Janet has moved yet another man into their home. She instantly dislikes Derrick, but her mother doesn’t care. Janell feels as though her privacy has been threatened, but there’s nothing she can do about it.

Between her best friends fighting, her home problems, and her increasing fears, she doesn’t know who to turn to. She hides her emotions behind a mask of anger. Now even her teachers think that Janell’s has an attitude. When the truth of what’s really going on is revealed, Janell will need the support of her mother and best friends more than ever.


Panzina's Passion


Inexperienced, sweet, flower boutique owner, Panzina Wilson thinks she has nothing in common with snobbish, arrogant fashion designer, Trevor Grant. For her it is a case of dislike at first sight the day he enters her shop. Tragedy throws the two of them together. Trevor helps Panzina through a time of grief and uncertainty and saves her flower boutique from foreclosure. During the course of getting to know him, Panzina comes to the realization that she is not and never has been in love with her fiance, Telvin Coney. Trevor has the love that she s being saving herself for. But, catty model, Marshayla Forbes, has her claws in him, and she won't give him up without a fight. 

Trevor Grant fights hard to hide his instant attraction to Panzina Wilson by being rude and insulting during their first encounter. He is not looking for love, especially not in a woman as innocent and naive as Panzina. When Fate intervenes and throws them together again and again, Trevor chalks it up to divine intervention. He decides to prove to Panzina that he is not the tyrant she s made him out to be. He helps her through a period of grief and rescues her flower boutique. By seeing Panzina through a difficult situation, will he finally be able to accept his own personal loss? Or will his secret thrust Panzina into the arms of another man?


Pipe Dreams


Sometimes, life doesn’t deliver a happily ever after… 

In Pipe Dreams two urban youth get pulled into the drug game. One leaves it alone forever, but the other is lured back because of the fast money and material possessions that seem to come so easily. In this story, you will witness how the greed for money will sever a friendship and see how fast pipe dreams quickly turn into nightmares.


Project Queen 


Shae Byrts is a hot commodity in her hood. Using her body and beauty has earned her the title, “Project Queen.” She’s got it, and was born to flaunt it! She’s determined to break away from her abusive mother, and leave her impoverished lifestyle far behind.When she begins dating a notorious drug dealer, she assumes all of her problems are over. She couldn’t be further from the truth. She finds out that beauty is only skin deep, and all of the money, spinning rims, and glitter, can come at a violent price.


Project Queen II


Shae, Vivian and Toby meets Della, the daughter of their father, Jimmy Byrts. When she enters their lives, she brings along chaos and mayhem. She desperately seeks the love that her mother, a woman who cares more for drugs than her own flesh and blood, couldn't give. She only knows how to show and feel love by opening her legs. A night that begins as partying and fun turns into horror. The events that transpire blacken Della's heart. She vows that the pain inflicted upon her will be inflicted back on her attackers. She will pay them all back - with a vengeance. What happens when her obsession with getting even causes her to spiral out of control?



Seqouia Denise, Just a Kid 


School is out and thirteen year old Sequoia Denise Washington is bored already. She thinks it's going to be another uneventful summer; one that consists of battling with her mother or being in the shadows of her oldest sisters, Desiree and LaToria. Then she meets the coolest person ever- Brandon. Brandon is fifteen, Korean, and the most exciting boy she's ever met. She befriends him even though she knows her mother wouldn't approve. She's having a great summer until LaToria decides to just quit her job at the Times to dance in a bikini bar. Her mother finds out about Brandon and forbids her to see him again. Next, Desiree shocks them with a secret, one with devastating consequences. Suddenly, her whole world is spinning out of control. When will her family stop treating her like she's just a little kid? Can she handle the news that Brandon has to move? Should she try to form a bond with the father she's never met? How will she ever cope with losing a family member?​


Soul on Fire


Cherika Daniels finds herself driving down a country, dirt road searching for an address that seems impossible to find in a rural Arkansas town. She finally arrives at the Prewitt’s place to hear the reading of her paternal grandmother’s last Will and Testament. After a face-off with her estranged relatives, Cherika is highly irritated and flustered. To her dismay, she ends up swooning and faints. Before her world goes completely dark, she finds herself staring into a pair of beautiful, hazel eyes. Those eyes belong to Zachariah Prewitt.

Zachariah Prewitt is the type of hazel-eyed, snazzy-dressing, womanizer that Cherika steers clear of. Though her head tells her he’s not the one, her heart soars every time they encounter each other. Sparks ignite when Zachariah kisses her for the first time. No matter how hard she tries to fight the attraction, she finds herself falling hard.


Zachariah senses that Cherika Daniels is the woman he’s destined to be with. However, he keeps pushing her further away by saying and doing the wrong things. To complicate matters, he can tell his twin brother, Hezekiah, is interested in Cherika, too. Their relationship is already strained, and he doesn’t want to cause an even further rift by going after the same woman.


Hezekiah’s ex-fiancée, Carmen, returns to stir up even more chaos. She has her sights set on Zachariah and could care less if it destroys the twin’s relationship. When Cherika witnesses Carmen and Zachariah locked in a passionate embrace, it causes all of her doubts and insecurities to resurface. She’ll have to decide if Zachariah is worth fighting for. Her heart has already been broken from a past relationship. Zachariah has set her soul on fire. Even if she wants to walk away from him will she be able to?


Spin Cycle


At the blink of an eye, life as we know it can spin out of our control.

An evening of doing laundry turns into pleasure and chaos for middle school teacher, Greta Stevenson and principal, Austin Johnson. When Austin makes a comment about her thong, Greta blushes in embarrassment, but secretly, she’s turned on. The more she thinks about Austin, the hotter she gets. Betrayed by her hormones, she finds herself in an uncompromising position on top of a washing machine. While in the throes of passion, the two have no idea their act has been caught on tape.

The videotape falls into the sinister hands of Larry Newsome, another teacher. Since he has a sick obsession for Greta, he tries to use the footage as a way to get her into his bed. He also attempts to blackmail Austin who he considers a weak “pretty boy.”

Austin and Greta devise a plan to get the infamous videotape back. When Larry is confronted by Austin and a dangerous woman from his past, will the situation spin out of control?



The Real Hood Wives of St. Pete.


It's a hard life, but somebody has to live it.


Sharniece Brown, Makayla Jenkins and Jacqueline Davis are all single mothers who live in the housing project on a Section 8 voucher. They go through daily struggles of dealing with incarcerated baby daddies, drive-by shootings, Children and Family Services, and police brutality. At the end of the day, only the “hoodest” of the hood wives will persevere.



They Call Me Mr. G-Spot


Troy Anderson is the self-proclaimed Mr. G-Spot because he knows how to make a woman reach the ultimate mind-blowing orgasm. Since his divorce, he's been in-between the sheets with woman after woman, never really forming a connection with any of them. Because of his ability to make them "rain" in the bedroom, some of these women shower him with expensive gifts ranging from jewelry, to fancy clothes, to expensive automobiles. Along with these gifts comes a load of problems. 

Troy is reacquainted with his high school sweetheart and first love, Nicole Wilkerson. Even though she is engaged to be married, Nicole is reeled in when she decides to sleep with him one last time before she ties the knot. That "one time" turns into a full-fledged affair. Neither of them knows how to deal with the past emotions that resurface. After sleeping with Troy again, Nicole questions whether she's really ready to get married or if she's just settling. Troy begins to reflect back on the women he's used and wonders if any of them deserved to be treated so callously. 

What will happen when Mr. G-Spot encounters a woman scorned, and will he be able to escape the wrath of a vengeful husband?


Uncrossing Her Legs


Dominique Green has enticed her way to the top of the corporate ladder at Troutman Mutual Funds & Investment Company. She’s beautiful, savvy and seductive. She’ll let nothing block her path to success. If she has to step on the toes of catty female co-workers or bruise some male egos, so be it. It’s all about Dominique.

When the untimely death of the CEO leaves the company in turmoil, Arvind Thompson steps in to take over. He is anything but your average smooth-talking, suit-wearing player. He’s a man with integrity. He can’t stand the fact that Dominique didn’t work hard for what she has. He devises a plan to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget. In the scheme of things, Arvind winds up getting more than he can handle. When his true intentions are revealed, Dominique is forced to make a crucial decision. Will she end up uncrossing her legs for the wrong man?


Under the Oak Tree


Jimmy Baxter has a shameful family secret. His father has a drinking problem that’s getting out of hand. He tries to ignore his dysfunctional home life, but finds it impossible to do when his mother keeps ending up with unexplained bruises and broken bones. It all ends in an explosive confrontation that lands both father and son in the hospital. A son must confess in order to save his mother, but does he have the heart to betray his father? 

Jessica Pritchard is too embarrassed to invite any friends over because of her alcoholic mother. Since the death of her husband, Michele Pritchard has buried her grief and pain at the bottom of a bottle. Jessica is left to take care of her younger sibling and handle all the responsibilities her mom can’t cope with. One night, Michele is attacked while leaving the bar, and she’s too drunk to fend off the culprit. Will the excessive drinking leave her two daughters motherless?


Unpretty Secrets


Joshua “Dream” Parker is keeping something inside. Once his world collides with Chancy Witherspoon, that “something” is threatened to be revealed when Joshua rejects Chancy’s romantic overtures. Will Joshua result to murder to protect his image?


Stacia Watkins-Murray has to move back home with her mother, Grace Watkins, after her marriage to Michael Murray turns abusive. She hates the fact that she and her six year old twins are at her mother’s mercy. Grace Watkins has anything but grace when it comes to her daughter and grandchildren. Stacia and the twins have to experience Grace’s wrath until the day Stacia gets fed up. Which mother will be left standing?


You will be amazed at the lengths some will go through to cover up their unpretty secrets.


What About Your Friends


This is a story about three women living different lives, bonded by a friendship that holds them together through the good times, the bad times, and the not so sane times. All they want is to be loved. 

Camille Gray fights the demons of rushing into marriage because of an unplanned pregnancy. She accuses her husband of cheating. Will her suspicions lead him into the arms of another woman? 

April Dillard deals with single motherhood and baby-daddy drama by hitting the clubs. Her problems get buried at the bottle of a bottle. All the drinking in the world cannot boost her self-esteem. 

Brittany Anderson struggles with a trifling cheater and a tragedy that could end up costing her custody of her children. Can she change her ways before it’s too late? 
While reading What About Your Friends, you will be left wondering about the people and friendships in your own life.

When There Are No Tomorrows


After enduring years of horrific abuse at the hands of her step-father, Beth runs away from home. With a new identity, she begins another new life. No matter where she runs, heartache, pain and tragedy seems to follow. She ends up right back where it all began; face-to-face with the ones who nearly destroyed her. Will she find the strength to confront them or the courage to forgive?


Wolf in the Pulpit


When Pastor Gregory Dunbar takes over the church and renames it Bullet Proof Baptist, he has the parishioners eating out of his hands. Unbeknownst to them those hands are really the deceptive paws of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Gregory Dunbar could care less about saving souls. He’s wanted for a double homicide, but this wolf in the pulpit is determined to never get caught!


Writer's Island

New York Times bestselling author, Edmond Thompson, has a reputation for being arrogant and cocky. Even on his worst day, he has nothing on new-to-the-scene, independent author, Donté Hardy. 

Fresh out of prison, Donté has taken the literary industry by storm. He’s a known internet bully, pulling strings to make sure he and his authors’ titles remain at the top. 

Edmond can’t stand the fact that Donté, a snarky “Facebook author,” hasn’t put in the same amount of work he has over the years. He doesn’t deserve his newfound prestige. 
Donté feels that Edmond is just jealous and needs to throw in the towel on writing because his book sales have sunk like the Titanic. 

Both authors find themselves on Writers Island. There, they will be in seclusion for thirty days writing a full-length novel to present to their agent. If the book is accepted, they will receive a six-figure deal with a major publishing company. The deal will put Edmond back on the top and keep Donté from returning to prison. 

The men are dismayed upon learning they will have to write together. Will they be able to put their egos aside and come up with a best-seller or will stubborn pride cause them both to fail?

Ex-boyfriend 2


Terrence James is back. He has gone on with his life, feeling no remorse for committing murder. However, someone seems determined to make him pay for his sins.


His relationship with his mother is stronger than ever since she has overcome her drug addiction. But his situation with Tenesha is like a rollercoaster ride. When her son’s father returns home from doing a prison stint, the two butt heads. Terrence cares about Tenesha, but he is not in love with her and makes the decision to end the relationship. Trying to hold on can cause more harm than good for both of them.


Getting involved in alterations with Tenesha’s baby daddy is the least of Terrence’s worries.  Someone does a drive-by shooting on him and then his dead uncle’s belongings suddenly show up. Is his mind playing tricks on him or is Frank still alive and trying to kill him?

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